Optimized for Takeoff

Optimized for Takeoff

Is your website ready for prime time? Have your customers been noticing the latest and greatest technologies on your site?

We take advantage of the latest innovations to optimize the appearance and the performance of your site always including search engine optimizations for Google, Bing and others.

Your customers visit many sites and they notice when a site is designed well and provides the right information in the right places. They come to your site and they see that your website also conforms to the latest standards in web technologies because it is pleasing to the eye and gives them what they need.

Some of your customers visit your site on their mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for mobile, it results in unnecessary frustration for a mobile user who spent a few seconds (sometimes a minute) waiting for a page to appear.

Just as people have expectations, so do search engines and other web crawlers. They expect that behind the scenes your site has various constructs that make it easier for these engines to understand and index your content. If your site is not optimized for these engines, they will do their best but always to your organizations’ disadvantage against others whose sites are optimized.

At Pod Meadow, we take advantage of the latest technologies to optimize and upgrade your site both to please your customers and to please the engines. We also take care of the such details as appearance on an iPhone or an iPad, an Android phone, or a Mac computer.

Behind the scenes we host and serve your website from state of the art Linux computers and implement techniques such as caching to reduce page load times. Bottom line, we make your site ready for takeoff.

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