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We have been participating in the development of the Internet since the early 1990’s. Every year it seems that large corporations, marketing agencies, and other giant organizations that can afford huge IT departments continuously improve their image and their web presence. We feel this leaves the local business or the non-profit organization with budget constraints looking less and less attractive to both human eyes on the Internet and to the engines (like Google and Bing) that control what is being found on the Net.

When this frustration reached a level high enough to force us to act, we had to offer our knowledge and expertise to benefit those who do not have huge IT departments, those trustworthy and great pillars of our local community that make our community the wonderful place it is to live and raise children. These business owners and leaders are working hard every day to fix our homes, to provide entertainment, to help us with lunch or dinner plans, to provide our children services, to basically do so much for us all around us. Pod Meadow was created to help these businesses not get ripped off by Internet sharks, large outsourcing houses, free lancers half-way around the world trying to make a living, and others in it for anything other than the success of our local community.

Our reason to exist is simple: we want to see our local businesses and the small business owners we trust every day succeed. We want you to keep more of your money because we know just like the rest of us you have college bills, mortgages, and many other bills to pay. We want you to look great on the Internet to your customers, your partners, your friends, the search engines and everyone else.

We are in this for the long-term. We want to prevent the Internet from becoming what TV is today (controlled by few and out of reach of many). We want our local businesses to have our support in showcasing their products or services. We must believe in what you do in order to work hard for you. This is why we insist on meeting with you and getting to know you.

Give us a call and give us a chance. You have nothing to lose and we know you won’t regret it.